• Chile takes step toward cannabis decriminalisation

    Lower house of congress votes to decriminalise drug for personal use
    The Guardian (UK)
    Tuesday, July 7, 2015

    Chile has taken a step forward in decriminalising the use of cannabis after the lower house of congress approved by a wide margin a bill that seeks to change the law. The bill would allow the possession of up to 10 grammes of cannabis and the growing of up to six plants. Up to now, planting, selling and transporting marijuana has been punishable by up to 15 years in prison. But it still has some way to go to become law. A health committee will study the bill before the lower house votes again on each of the specific elements. It then passes to the senate.

  • Chile

    Overview of drug laws and legislative trends in Chile.

    Chile has been progressively reforming its drug legislation since 2005, but this process that has been accelerated by the new administration of Michelle Bachelet, who was inaugurated in March 2014. Her government’s proposals are in line with the international tendency to model drug policy in accordance with public health concerns and empirical research. Recent proposals include reassessing the categorisation of cannabis as a Class A drug and regulating the quantities allowed for personal use.

  • Cocaine paste and cannabis in the field of mental health in Chile

    Ingrid Tartakowsky López
    July 2014

    Clinical observations and scientific evidence - The use of some drugs in Chile remains silenced in official discourses, making it important to clinically observe the various ways those drugs requiring more attention appear, and which are not seen as a priority in mental health. Specifically, this is the case with cocaine paste, widely used by people living in poverty.