France's champagne capital wants to experiment with the legal sale of cannabis

The mayor of Reims tells why he would like France's champagne capital to experiment with the legal sale of cannabis in the country
RFI (France)
Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Arnaud RobinetArnaud Robinet, mayor of Reims since 2014, is one of the few right-wing politicians supporting the legal use of cannabis in France. He would like Reims to experiment with legalising cannabis, but insists that Reims cannot become a destination for 'cannabis and champagne' tours. "The experiment will be carried out with legal sales for citizens only. There is no question of opening sales to anyone from outside", he says, emphasising that his primary concern is public health. "The subject has always been taboo for the right wing,", Robinet admits. "But we now have a group of mayors as well as parliamentarians working on the legalisation of cannabis, and we'd like to bring up the subject at a national level." (See also: La légalisation du cannabis expérimentée à Reims? On est allé voir sur place)