Minister casts doubt over Luxembourg legal weed plan

Coalition agreement of 2018 promised legalisation of consumption, production, sale and possession of cannabis
Luxemburger Times (Luxembourg)
Friday, September 17, 2021

luxembourg cannabisJustice Minister Sam Tanson on Friday refused to confirm Luxembourg will legalise cannabis for recreational use in an apparent U-turn over a government promise from 2018 that drew widespread international attention. "I can't confirm anything," Tanson said in an interview when asked whether the sale of cannabis would still be made legal, as foreseen in the 2018 coalition agreement. Earlier, she had sidestepped questions about the overall plan to legalise the production, sale, possession and consumption of cannabis. Tanson is set to publish a package of measures for security and drug policy issues in October, which would include the regulation of cannabis use. (See also, in French: Le cannabis bientôt légal, voilà ce que l'on sait déjà)