Treat Breda as part of Germany so regulated weed can go ahead: mayor

The planned national experiment in regulated cannabis growing in 10 municipalities has been beset with problems and delays
Dutch News (Netherlands)
Monday, November 7, 2022

Paul DeplaThe mayor of Breda has asked if his region can be treated as a part of Germany, in order to go ahead with a trial of regulated cannabis growing. Speaking at a PCN cannabis association symposium in Eindhoven, Paul Depla said the Netherlands was in danger of losing all enthusiasm for a trial and being overtaken by other parts of Europe. ‘If we just keep talking while the others go ahead, we should just stop the discussion,’ he said. ‘Treat us as German state and let us go ahead with legalisation! ‘We have been talking about regulating cannabis since 2008, in 2017 the government finally made a start, and if we keep up this tempo, by 2028 the rest of Europe will have regulated cannabis and the Netherlands will still be talking about a new law.