EU is skeptical about legalizing cannabis

In the meantime, the mood between Brussels and Berlin on the issue of cannabis has sobered up
Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany)
Thursday, December 22, 2022

germany cannabis flagHealth Minister Lauterbach's prestige project is one of the few issues on which the traffic light parties in Germany agree. But they are meeting with resistance in Brussels. In order to implement his legalisation plans, however, Lauterbach needs the approval of the EU Commission, because they affect European law. "It is up to the member states to decide how they deal with the personal use of drugs, including cannabis," says the EU Commission. This sounds positive but in reverse it means: as soon as it comes to production and trade in the commercial sector, the restrictive EU law applies. In order to find a way out of this, Lauterbach actually wants to convince the EU Commission with an "interpretation declaration". (See also: German cannabis regulation on thin ice)