‘It will create a police state’: Dagga Party calls cannabis bill ‘fascist’

Dagga Party founder Jeremy Acton said the cannabis bill has a 'clear intent of criminalising people'
The Citizen (South Africa)
Tuesday, May 23, 2023

south africa concourt celebration2The Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill, which aims to cater for those who use marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, has been met with fierce opposition in Parliament. The cannabis plant in South Africa was decriminalised by the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) in September 2018 and gave Parliament 24 months to amend the relevant laws. Almost five years later, Parliament is now looking to finalise the bill, which was tabled in 2020. Although it is not a criminal offence for an adult citizen to use, possess or grow cannabis for personal consumption at home, the buying and selling of marijuana remains illegal. The public was invited to provide comments on the proposed amendments to the bill.