Luxembourg legalises cultivation and consumption of cannabis at home

Fines for consumption outdoors
RTL Today (Luxembourg)
Thursday, June 29, 2023

luxembourg cannabisIt's official: Luxembourg deputies greenlit a bill that allows for limited cannabis cultivation and consumption at home. 38 deputies voted in favour of the bill, with 22 against. The parties DP, LSAP, Déi Gréng, déi Lénk and ADR had announced in advance that they were in clear favour of bill 8033. People will be able to cultivate up to four plants in their home or usual place of residence. Cannabis plants can only be grown from seed and must not be visible from public spaces. It remains prohibited for minors. Bill 8033 further stipulates penalties in relation to illegal cannabis possession. Anyone who consumes recreational cannabis or cannabis-derived products outside their home risks a fine of between €25 and €500. (See also: Everything you need to know about the new cannabis law)