State and city reach agreement to close down Pusher Street

Christiania’s residents concede it is no longer something they can safely do without the help of the police
The Copenhagen Post (Denmark)
Tuesday, June 27, 2023

denmark copenhagen pusher street crackdownPusher Street is no ordinary thoroughfare. For decades, it has housed numerous stalls selling cannabis to the public in open view. During that time, the state has been reasonably tolerant, but about a decade ago it ramped up its policing of the area. Since then, arrests of drug dealers have increased and cannabis buyers are often targeted as they leave the freetown. In the meantime, the local municipality has been waging its own war. Decriminalising the sale of cannabis, argues mayor Sophie Hæstop Andersen, would put many drug dealers out of business and lead to a fall in crime. It is a matter that the state and capital city rarely agree on … until yesterday.