High times in Basel: Swiss city experiments with recreational cannabis

Switzerland has launched legal cannabis experiments in various cities this year to assess the benefits of regulating the supply of the recreational drug
Swissinfo (Switzerland)
Wednesday, November 1, 2023

switzerland basel cannabis pharmacy370 adults taking part in Basel’s “Weed Care” scheme – a 2.5-year recreational pot smoking study. Its aim is to examine the impact of regulated cannabis supply on the health and consumption behaviour of users with a view to possible changes to the Swiss law. Basel was the first of seven Swiss cities to launch scientific studies this year. The results - especially on health risks, smoking habits and problematic consumption - will be closely scrutinised in the coming years. The pilot projects have public support yet remain contentious. Could Switzerland’s cautious step-by-step scientific approach offer a new way forward for countries considering whether to allow recreational cannabis? (See also: Switzerland’s pioneering legal cannabis experiment: Basel’s story)