Cannabis reduces IQ (and appreciation of context)

A recent study suggests that cannabis use causes lower IQ in under 18s. It also lowers acknowledgement of alternative explanations
Dean Burnett
The Guardian (UK)
Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A new study suggests that young cannabis users run the risk of a lower IQ. In what is an impressively long-term cohort study, it was found that "those who started using cannabis below the age of 18 - while their brains were still developing - suffered a drop in IQ". Defending drugs is rarely a good move politically, and anti-drug legislation often occurs without the support of scientific evidence. Contrastingly, any scientific finding that suggests drug use may have detrimental effects is seized upon and often exaggerated, sometimes to ludicrous extents. And you know there'll soon be leaflets going around schools that explicitly state that cannabis makes you stupid.