This is how the Lib Dems would legalise cannabis

Sales of cannabis to over-18s in the UK should be legalised and "social clubs" should be established to sell it
Wired (UK)
Tuesday, March 8, 2016

uk-cannabis-plantation-policeThe Liberal Democrats have backed a study that argues cannabis can't be eliminated by a "total ban" and that it should, instead, be regulated. The report, A framework for a regulated market for cannabis in the UK, puts forward a number of suggestions for how drug policy should be updated: (1) The sale of cannabis to over-18s should be legalised; (2) it would be sold over the counter by licensed vendors, in plain packaging with any health risks written on it; (3) home-growth for personal use, should be allowed; and (4) a regulator should be created to oversee the cannabis market. (See also: Cannabis legalisation in UK 'would raise £1bn a year in taxes')