Legalize heroin for 'less overdose deaths,’ forensic psychologist tells Vancouver conference

Health Canada is looking at loosening regulations so officials could apply for imports of bulk quantities of prescription-grade heroin
The Vancouver Sun (Canada)
Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A forensic psychologist working with the Canadian prison system is calling for “radically different” approaches to B.C.’s overdose crisis, including expanded access to prescription heroin. Dr. Bruce Monkhouse, an adjunct professor at the University of Alberta and the University of Victoria, said that with the illicit-drug supply overwhelmingly tainted by fentanyl and carfentanil, and with both inmates and clients at his private practice at heightened risk of overdose death, the federal government needs to consider legalizing heroin — just as it currently plans to do with cannabis. “By legalizing it, by controlling it, by having it prescribed, we can do quality control, and we’re going to have less overdose deaths.” (See also: Health Canada to allow more access to prescription heroin to curb opioid crisis)