Recognized for controversy, Vancouver's former drug czar says the fentanyl crisis requires legalizing heroin

Accepting the 2017 Sterling Prize in Support of Controversy, Donald MacPherson called for local governments to ignore federal narcotics laws and work to end the war on drugs
The Georgia Straight (Canada)
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Donald MacPherson“Heroin at your corner store.” That was the title of a speech that Donald MacPherson delivered in acceptance of the 2017 Nora and Ted Sterling Prize in Support of Controversy. MacPherson argued that to an extent, regional governments can take steps without waiting for Ottawa. “We need to immediately decriminalize possession for personal use. That can be done by instructing the police not to bother anyone for personal possession,” he explained. “I’m hoping the provincial authorities can look into that.” He said the goal should be full legalization, were the government brings the distribution of drugs under its control and regulates supply.