Kava circles keeping young males away from alcohol and gangs, researcher says

Kava circles also help bridge the communication gap between generations
Manukau Courier (New Zealand)
Thursday, March 22, 2018

A narcotic beverage from the Pacific Islands is being used to counter prejudices about people who use drugs. "Kava is our culture. We lose kava, we lose our culture," Edmond Fehoko says. There is a lot of research on kava from health, agricultural and medicinal perspectives, but "no one has explored the social, cultural importance of it", Fehoko says. Born in New Zealand, of Tongan heritage, Fehoko went to his first kava circle at 14. Now he's trying to change the view that kava circles aren't a "waste of time," but a space for cultural affirmation. "There about 50 to 100 kava clubs in South Auckland alone. In Auckland, you're looking at almost 20,000 kava drinkers a weekend."