Berlin park's 'drug dealing zones' spark outrage

Allowing the dealers to work legally would tackle the issue
The Local (Germany)
Thursday, May 9, 2019

The manager of Berlin’s notorious Görlitzer Park has come under fire after creating zones for drug dealers to conduct their business. Amid harsh political criticism, the dealers say they have few other options. Berlin government authorities have strongly criticized the plan as an ‘open invitation to break the law’. Authorities have long considered drug dealing in Berlin’s Görlitzer Park to be a problem. Police raids are frequent but efforts to curb the sale of illicit substances have largely failed. Cengiz Demirci, the newly appointed park manager’s ‘solution’ to the issue has drawn criticism from the Berlin government, who argue that the move “supports organized drug trafficking”. (See also: Berlin park designates 'pink zone' areas for drug dealers | Neue Regel im Görlitzer Park: Platzanweiser für Dealer)