Boheco: This cannabis startup is weeding out the high notes for a hemp economy

Boheco is focused on establishing a scale-centric approach towards industrial hemp based products and raw material as well as cannabis-based medicines
The Economic Times (India)
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

bohecoBombay Hemp Company (BOHECO), is a first mover in the industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis’ space in India. Boheco slowly started making inroads in a space that had not been spoken about as openly before in the Indian context. And the results have been heartening for them and the industry as a whole. “Prior to 2013, hemp was rarely mentioned or raised as an interesting opportunity for new industrial and medicinal development horizons, primarily due to the pre-conceived stigma surrounding the recreational use of Cannabis combined with the fear of industrial and medicinal cannabis being misused and re-directed to the illicit cannabis market,” says Jahan Peston Jamas. (See also: Ratan Tata, Rajan Anandan back cannabis research firm)