Almere, Breda and Tilburg set to join regulated marijuana experiment

One issue is with the four year trial period, which will not be extended, even if the experiment is successful
Dutch News (Netherlands)
Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Dutch government will press ahead with trials of regulated marijuana production with the maximum 10 cities when the experiment starts in 2021. The experiment is part of the current government’s coalition agreement and was the express wish of the Liberal democratic party D66. The lower house voted in favour earlier this year, but the senate has yet to have its say. The experiment with regulated growing is supposed to remove the gray area between the sale of marijuana in council-licenced coffee shops and the illegal cultivation and supply. However, there are so many problems with the proposals that the big cities, where most of the coffee shops are located, see no point in joining in. (See also: New approach needed to tackle Amsterdam's drugs crime, mayor admits)