Not Malana cream; Nepalese charas sells in Himachal

Kullu, especially Parvati valley, is notorious worldwide for its production of the world’s best charas, a cannabis resin
Times of India (India)
Monday, September 23, 2019

india cannabis eradiction kulluThe increase in cases of charas seizure in Himachal, especially in Kullu, despite police and state government running several programmes to destroy the cannabis crops has left the agencies clueless for years. After some Nepalese were arrested while smuggling charas consignments from Nepal to India to sell it in the name of “Malana cream” in the last few years, police fear that a large quantity of charas being supplied in the market may have been brought from Nepal. The area where cannabis is cultivated in Kullu has decreased over the years due to strict law and police action. (See also: Cannabis crop destroyed on 6,175 bighas in Kullu | Drones to spot cannabis crop in Himachal)