Mexico could have state-owned cannabis company

The proposal aims to prevent, at least temporarily, the vertical integration of the industry so as to avoid big commercial interests to capture the regulator
El Universal (México)
Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The coordinator of the MORENA party at the Lower Chamber Mario Delgado Carrillo presented an initiative for the creation of a legal market for the purchase and sale of marijuana with the creation of a public company, owned by the government, called Cannsalud. The firm will be exclusively authorized to perform the purchase of cannabis and its derivatives from those that have obtained the corresponding licenses for such means. The initiative also considers the possibility for Mexicans to be able to grow their own cannabis. “Without the need of a license, they would be able to own, grow, harvest, prepare, or process up to six cannabis plants, as long as they are for personal use, allowing, too, shared use at home.”