Canberra's cannabis laws do not address supply problem, meaning buying the drug will remain illegal

Buying, selling and trading cannabis after January 31 will remain illegal in the ACT
ABC (Australia)
Saturday, January 11, 2020

australia cannabis map2Cannabis will be legal in the ACT come the end of the month, but those hoping to light up might have to break the law to do so. The controversial new laws legalise growing, possessing and smoking small quantities of cannabis. If you are over 18 you can grow the plant, collect up to 50 grams of dried bud, and smoke it as you like within your own home (provided there are no children around). But the laws do not offer any guidance at all on how it is supposed to be acquired. There will not be any cannabis shops opening up, as buying and selling the drug remains strictly illegal. It also cannot be gifted from one person to another. Cultivating two plants — to a limit of four per household — is perfectly legal but buying cannabis seeds is not.