Legalising cannabis: Supporters, opponents take swipes at each other as polls show knife-edge decision

Drug Foundation executive director Ross Bell said the downward trend in 'yes' support was because of "well-funded and relentless opposition scaremongering"
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)
Friday, February 21, 2020

nz cannabis referendum2Recent polls on legalising recreational cannabis in New Zealand show support falling for the 'yes' vote, but also a significant number of undecideds who could ultimately swing the September 19 vote. The 'yes' and 'no' campaigns are pulling together funding and strategies to reach voters - including the roughly 10 per cent of undecided voters - in what is expected to be an intense and potentially ugly campaign. This week two polls - Newshub Reid Research and 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton - both showed 39 per cent support to legalise recreational cannabis use; the 'no' vote had 48 per cent support in the former and 51 per cent support in the latter. (See also: New Zealanders likely to vote against cannabis legalisation)