New Zealanders back legal weed once they know the facts - poll

"People are more likely to support legalisation of cannabis when they know that information about the restrictions that are proposed"
NewsHub (New Zealand)
Friday, February 21, 2020

nz cannabis referendumKiwis will vote to legalise cannabis if they actually know what they're voting on, pro-legalisation campaigners have claimed. A referendum later this year will ask whether recreational use of the popular drug should be made legal. Recent polls have found support for legalisation slipping. But a new poll has found when voters are told what's in the proposed legislation, support for legalisation comfortably outweighs opposition.  "It's going to be really important that people understand what is proposed, and they have good access to accurate, evidence-based information about the issue and the likely impacts of the law change so they can make an informed decision," said Holly Walker, deputy director of the Helen Clark Foundation, which paid for the polling, conducted by UMR.