Former PM, police investigator, among Kiwis backing cannabis legalisation campaign

Cannabis could soon be legalised in New Zealand, and it's up to voters
Stuff (New Zealand)
Tuesday, June 2, 2020

nz cannabis referendumThe New Zealand Drug Foundation's "Our Own Terms" campaign features Tim McKinnel, alongside former Prime Minister Helen Clark, psychiatrist Hinemoa Elder and educator Richie Hardcore, among others, encouraging the country to vote Yes in the upcoming cannabis referendum. "The system as it is now is a free-for-all, it's unregulated and uncontrolled and forces people to dip their toes into the black market," said McKinnel, who spent several years on the police drug squad. "Police spend a great deal of time and money fighting cannabis, with helicopter recovery operations, or with uncovering underground growing operations. It's a drain not only on policy but on our courts and prisons."