Legalisation of cannabis delayed due to coronavirus pandemic

According to the National Drugs Coordinator, Alain Origer, it is also a question of keeping up with the times, because cannabis is no longer what it was ten years ago
RTL (Luxembourg)
Tuesday, October 13, 2020

luxembourg cannabisMinister of Health Paulette Lenert confirmed that work on the cannabis legalisation project had been going on for months, even though it had been delayed by the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. As this is a sensitive issue, the authorities are communicating less on the subject, but work is progressing. Lenert stressed that it was not the government's intention to legalise cannabis because it was "cool". It has been found that more and more young people are using this substance, but also that the quality available on the market is becoming increasingly dangerous. The idea is to create, through legalisation, a new market, which will make prevention more effective.