Imprisonment for drugs related offenses in Argentina

encarcelamientosIntercambios Civil Association and the Social Sciences School of the University of Buenos Aires launched the book “Encarcelamientos por delitos relacionados con estupefacientes en Argentina” (Imprisonment for drugs related offenses in Argentina) by Alejandro Corda on the 29th of August, 2011. 

The book will be commented by:

Diana Rossi, coordinator of the Area of Investigation of Intercambios Civil Association and director of the UBACyT Project “Governmental drug control policies and health care institutions for drug users”.

Horacio Cattani, Judge of the National Chamber of Criminal Appeals and professor at the University of Buenos Aires´ Faculty of Law.

Ana Arias, director of University of Buenos Aires´ Social Work Department.

The launch will take place in room 109 (1st floor) at the Social Sciences School located at Santiago del Estero 1029 in the city of Buenos Aires.

For a report of the vent see: El destino de las mulas (in Spanish)

Intercambios Civil Association is a key organization within Latin America in themes including harm reduction and drug policy. It develops advocacy, investigation, and training with the objective of influencing governmental and multilateral drug policies. It organized the 1st and 2nd Latin American Conferences on Drug Policies (Buenos Aires 2009, Rio de Janeiro 2010); coordinated the discussion of civil society in the region regarding targets set by the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on Drugs and, so far, has organized nine National Conferences on Drug Policy. Some of its publications include “Contributions to a new drug policy. 5th and 6th National Conferences on Drug Policy” (2010); and “Knowledge and practice on drugs. The case of coca paste” (2007).