Cannabis Science and Policy Summit 2016

New York City, April 17-18, 2016

cannabis-summitWith California and other states likely to vote on full cannabis legalization, decisions made in 2016 may well shape the future of cannabis policy for a generation or more. Scientists, policy thinkers, journalists, industry leaders, and advocates came together at the Cannabis Science and Policy Summit 2016 on April 17 and 18 in New York City for a discussion of what is happening, what is likely to happen, and what should be done in the world of cannabis legalization. Martin Jelsma and Tom Blickman of TNI participated in two different panels.

Cannabis & The Drug Treaties: The Elephant in the Room at UNGASS

The UN General Assembly will convene a Special Session (UNGASS) on the “World Drug Problem” in New York from April 19th to 21st. The UNGASS comes as several jurisdictions, including U.S. states, are moving to legalize cannabis for purposes other than exclusively “medical and scientific”—contrary to the UN drug treaties. Will the UNGASS explore how to deal with the growing gap between the ban on cannabis required by the treaties and what some countries are actually doing? Martin Jelsma gave a presentation on Cannabis and UNGASS 2016: The Elephant in the Room.

What Can Be Learned from The Dutch Coffee Shop System

For over 30 years Dutch adults have been allowed to buy small amounts of cannabis in licensed coffee shops; throughout that time, it has been illegal for growers to produce or sell cannabis to the coffee shops. This panel will review the evolution and effects of this policy over time, as rules have become more restrictive. The panel will also discuss the many plans for change that are being discussed at present. Tom Blickman gave a presentation on The Battle over the Backdoor.