Australian Capital Territory votes to legalise cannabis for personal use

Territory becomes first jurisdiction in Australia to legalise possession of up to 50 grams of marijuana and two plants
The Guardian (UK)
Wednesday, September 25, 2019

cannabis plantsPossessing and growing cannabis for personal use will become legal in Australia’s capital. The laws, which don’t come into effect until 31 January, were passed in the ACT Legislative Assembly. They will allow Canberrans over 18 to possess 50 grams of cannabis and grow two plants. The ACT attorney-general, Gordon Ramsay, told the assembly it was time to treat drug addiction like a health issue rather than an issue of “right and wrong”, which is why the laws would be accompanied by more drug and alcohol services and the introduction of specific drug courts. (See also: Cannabis legalised for personal use under ACT law | Police could still charge for cannabis possession if laws pass | Home grown cannabis to be legal in the ACT. Now what?)