Growing a little marijuana at home is not a crime, Italy’s top court says

The ruling adds Italy to the small number of countries where small-scale cultivation for personal use is allowed
The New York Times (US)
Friday, December 27, 2019

italy cannabis3Growing small amounts of marijuana at home for private use is not a crime, Italy’s top court has ruled, putting an end to a yearslong legal dispute and adding Italy to the short list of countries to allow cultivation of recreational cannabis. A 1990s law prohibits the cultivation and sale of marijuana in Italy, but conflicting court decisions, and a 2016 amendment that opened a loophole in the law, created confusion over how it should be interpreted. The court appears to have stopped short of outright legalizing marijuana, but has decriminalized small-scale, private cultivation. (See also: Italy court rules home-growing cannabis is legal, reigniting dispute) (In Italian: Coltivazione cannabis: non è penale se per uso personale | Cannabis coltivata in casa, i paletti posti dalla Cassazione)