War Without End

Saturday, June 7, 2008
An extraordinary documentary marking a new level in broadcast journalism critiquing the international war on drugs was shown on Irish TV last on 3 June 2008. The report is a comprehensive indictment of the global drug war and asks if there is an alternative to this war without end.

With contributions from TNIs Martin Jelsma and Ricardo Vargas from Colombia, Danny Kushlick (Transform), Ethan Nadelmann (DPA), Antonio Maria Costa (UNODC), Philip Emafo (INCB), David Murray (ONDCP), drug users, retired police officers and many others.

It gives an overview of the failure of the 'war on drugs', with reports from Colombia and the failure of fumigations. It also presents alternatives to the drug war, including a visit to a safe consumption room in Amsterdam and a heroin prescription programme in Zurich.

Prime Time Investigates: War Without End
The entire program can be viewed online here