Growing cannabis at home – illegal, but how risky?

While visiting hobby growers, it becomes apparent that indoor cultivation is booming in Berlin. And the legalities?
Berliner Zeitung (Germany)
Monday, December 14, 2020

germany ludwig cannabisLast summer, during a press conference, Germany’s drug czar Daniela Ludwig said something goofy: “Just because alcohol is dangerous doesn’t mean that cannabis is broccoli.” The quirky statement was widely ridiculed online as typifying her out-of-touch approach to recreational cannabis consumption. And the drug czar seems to be in denial of how widespread cannabis use is. According to one survey, 28.3 per cent of Germans aged 18 to 64 have consumed the drug at least once in their lifetime. In Berlin, of course, weed and hash are omnipresent: On the street, in parks, wafting from balconies.