Luxembourg law lets you smoke a joint - at home

Watered down version of government's plan includes growing four plants out of the public eye
Luxemburger Wort (Luxembourg)
Wednesday, June 15, 2022

luxembourg cannabis flagLuxembourg has taken a first step to legalising cannabis, launching a watered down proposal which allows people to grow the drug at home, but leaves out the government's promise to take the trade out of criminal hands entirely. Justice Minister Sam Tanson has put forward a new law which would allow people to grow up to four plants at home, although people must keep them out of sight and can only consume the drug at home. Luxembourg's three neighbouring countries have previously voices their discontent about the plan, fearing the easier rules could cause people to buy the drug in Luxembourg and carry it over the border illegally. But Germany's new government is now pushing ahead with its own law, and Malta has become the first EU country to legalise cannabis. (See also: Pas de registre de contrôle prévu pour le cannabis récréatif)