What a probable Jamaica coalition means for possible cannabis legalisation in Germany

It is uncertain if either Greens or FDP are willing to make this the hill to die on and spent their limited political capital as junior partners on this issue
Oxpol (UK)
Thursday, October 5, 2017

hanfparade berlin 2016bWith the SPD out of the picture, Merkel will depend on two smaller parties, the Liberal Democrats (FDP) and Green Party (Die Grünen) to form a governing coalition. Such a coalition of CDU/CSU, FDP and Green Party is known as Jamaica coalition because of the parties’ colours – black, yellow and green – which can also be found in the Jamaican flag. Even though a coalition of CDU/CSU, FDP and Green Party is the most probable next Bundesregierung – which means that two parties that have explicitly called for the legalisation of cannabis will form part of it – the possibility that such a Jamaica coalition will bring about legal ganja in Germany seem rather remote.