German police association calls for complete legalization of cannabis

Rather than focus largely on repression, there are better opportunities in drug policy such as learning to deal with responsible drug use
The Local (Germany)
Monday, February 5, 2018

The Association of German Criminal Officers (BDK) is in favour of ending the ban on cannabis and has called for the decriminalization of all use. "The prohibition of cannabis has historically been seen as arbitrary and has not yet been implemented in an intelligent and effective manner," the head of BDK, André Schulz, told Bild. The BDK advocates a "complete decriminalization of cannabis use," adding that the current legal system is stigmatizing people and promoting criminal careers. "My prediction is cannabis will not be banned for long in Germany.‎" (See also: "Nicht zuschauen, wie Jugendliche ihre Zukunft verkiffen" | Nach 60 Jahren Drogenpolitik bleibt es bei einer Lebenslüge | Frei high)