What will 2020 mean for cannabis?

It appears unlikely that pot will be legalized at the federal level, which means continued challenges for the industry and consumers
East Bay Express (US)
Wednesday, January 1, 2020

us flag cannabisAs 2019 slouched toward its end, many predictions of what might happen with cannabis in 2020 had been tinged with optimism. Chronic Town was no different: in this space last week I sounded a hopeful note that, if pot isn't legalized at the federal level this year, at least the Senate might finally pass the SAFE Banking Act, shielding financial institutions from liability for serving the cannabis industry with a basic business function available to every other form of legal commerce. But hopes were dashed this past week. The law, especially federal law, is still the legal industry's biggest impediment by far. Cannabis won't become a fully legitimate, thriving industry until Congress unshackles it.